The Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival celebrates the beauty and biodiversity of the Fraser Valley by honouring the majestic Bald Eagle and the Cycle of the Salmon.Deep in the heart of “Sasquatch Country”, and due to shifting weather patterns, Harrison Mills is home to the world’s LARGEST concentrated eagle gathering . The raptors are drawn to the area by the millions of spawning salmon that travel up the Fraser River to tributaries, such as the Harrison River. The estuary is also home to incredible wildlife such as trumpeter swans, ducks, seal, bear, coyote, deer and the great white sturgeon.

Situated on the banks of the Harrison River, Pretty Estates Resort is the perfect place to watch this phenomenal eagle gathering!

We can also book you an eco-tour and arrange for River’s Edge Restaurant to prepare a picnic basket to go! This event is receiving worldwide attention and our rooms book far in advance.

Here’s a video of the phenomenon