Sasquatch Sightings

Either the most complex and sophisticated hoax in the history of Anthropology has continued for centuries without being exposed or the most manlike and largest non human primate has managed to survive in parts of North America and remains undiscovered by modern science.”

Professor G.W. Gill – President of the American Board of Forensic Anthroplogy

The Harrison region is often referred to as Sasquatch Country. Indigenous to the area are the Sts’Ailes. The dialect spoken by the Sts’Ailes, whose name means “beating heart”, includes the word sesqac, which is the source of the English word “sasquatch“. The vicinity of Harrison Bay, Harrison Mills and the lower Harrison River is reputed to have the greatest number and density of Sasquatch sightings worldwide.

The Sasquatch is also the emblem of the Chehalis First Nation and is sacred in Sts’Ailes culture.

These guides provide an adventurous tour of the Sasquatch story.

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