Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival

Every year, the Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival (FVBEF) celebrates the beauty and biodiversity of the Harrison Mills region by honouring the Season of the Eagles and the Cycle of the Salmon. Deep in the heart of ‘Sasquatch Country’, and due to recent global shifts beginning in 2010, visitors witness the world’s largest gathering of wintering bald eagles. The raptors are drawn to the region by the millions of spawning salmon that travel up the Fraser River to tributaries, such as the Harrison River. The Chehalis Flats and Harrison River estuary are also home to diverse wildlife including trumpeter swans, ducks, seals, bears, coyotes, deer and the great white sturgeon.

Bald Eagle Biologist, David Hancock of the Hancock Wildlife Foundation is a renowned advocate for this phenomenon.

For thousands of years, the First Nation Peoples have lived harmoniously with the land and water. In present time, the Sts’Ailes work in collaboration with the Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival, the District of Mission, the Salmon Stronghold, and the Hancock Wildlife Foundation where they welcome visitors and share the knowledge they have gained over the generations.

The festival includes designated viewing sites, which are free to the public (Map), food stations (last year the Sts’Ailes hosted their first salmon celebration) tours, speakers, exhibitors, displays, carving and weaving demonstrations, activities, workshops and boat tours.  For more details visit

Contact Information

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Phone: 604-826-7361